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"Pnina Gold has a love affair with color.

Each piece Ms. Gold creates shimmers

And dances with vibrant saturated hues.

 She fearlessly emblazons her canvas 

with bold, relentless color that raises  the 

  Pulse and delights the eye.


She is gifted with an ability to place

Strong, vivid hues in proximity to each 

 other. Like a masterful conductor,

Creates  symphony of rich pigments

 That “sing’” harmoniously with

                   Each other.


Enjoy the color choices in all their

         Commanding resonance."


Kate Ashton,  Ashton Gallery

“I collaborated with Pnina on a recent residential interior design project. We started by purchasing one piece of original abstract art from her and then we couldn’t get enough and commissioned several more. In the end, we incorporated eight of her original artworks into our project. Pnina was so easy to work with! We would show her our design concept for the space along with the color scheme and she would create the pieces that brought our space to life! Her art puts a smile on my face everytime I see it!”

Rachel Moriarty, Residential Interior Designer

"Pnina Gold creates a dynamic and emotional world of paint on canvas. These images vibrate through space and effect the viewers emotions and thoughts. Experiencing her work from close by is fascinating. A hidden world reveals itself when one stands just few inches from the painting and observing the colorful layers of paint strokes, dripping paint and occasional added materials. As one walk back from the painting, a new appreciation of the whole work is gained and thus Pnina's works transcends the limitations of time, which is one of the greatest challenges of the visual arts."

Yuval Ron, Award Winning Composer

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